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K-9 UK is a family run business and operates from South West of England. (Cornwall)
We specialize in training personal protection dogs and have many years experience in owning and training a wide verity of dogs. We train dogs for personal protection for individuals and for professional clients.

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We have all heard about people saying! my dog as not been trained in personal protection work, but i know if someone attacked me my dog would protect me, Well, 99% of cases this is just not true,most dogs will show avoidance and runaway and leave their handlers and protect themselves.

Why are we talking about personal protection dogs, well, we are living in the 21st century and society is changing. When we look back 25/30 years ago we could all go out and leave our doors unlocked and open, we all felt safe walking down the street or going for a jog in the park knowing we would be safe, well that was then.

Now the world is getting more and more security conscious and people are feeling more and more threatened. A protection trained dog is an asset in today's world. Not only is a dog a worthy device, it does discourage the bad people who live in our society. Having a personal protection dog creates a measure of owner control in a naturally protective dog. Most people have a busy life style and a trained dog can handle this.

Having a personal protection dog can give you peace of mind knowing that yourself, family and home will be protected from intrusion. A well trained dog is the number 1 crime prevention available. There are no wires to cut, no foaming up alarm boxes, no turning off alarms. You will have instant protection.

K9 UK offers expertly trained dogs that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. We offer a choice of dogs and training that meets your needs.
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Our services is offered with complete discretion and confidentiality.
K9 UK can now offer a call out service to assess your dog for personal protection.

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